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Green builders with attention to detail. We build. We design. We enhance.
Servicing Surfcoast, Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong

  • About us

    We build. We design. We enhance. We construct. We won't bore you with our constant pursuit of building sustainably. Sustainability is what we're about.

  • understanding

    Each project starts with listening, understanding, and develops into a goal. That goal is to produce an artistic, soulful and ecologically sustainable home.

  • Philosophy

    We create buildings that satisfy clients' expectations as well as building projects that contribute to the sustainability and aesthetic of our neighbourhoods.

  • Detail

    Our priority is to recognise existing assets that can be retained as features, creating a living, breathing, clean and contaminate-free ecology around your home.

  • Raising the bar

    Each project has its challenges and opportunities. With thoughtfulness we manage the waste output of our building projects during their delivery.

Period Style

Design & Construct


Client relationships are very important to us. We are very aproachable. Our team works towards the same goals. Project by project we change the way that our clients live through the buildings we build.

Attention to detail

We avoid using contaminants in our projects, and if unavoidable we contain them safely within the site until they can be safely and thoughtfully reused or disposed of.

reduce reuse recycle

Recycling and reduction of materials use is our top priority. Use of local and sustainable materials and a high consideration of the building’s design delivers the maximum benefit to our clients.

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When you contact us you’ll deal directly with the owner, Ian Jenkins.
Ian has spent 10 years in management in the construction industry working on high end residential developments.

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